Mom and son launch app to benefit Atlanta's homeless




A new app allows people to post pictures like they would on Instagram or Facebook, but help people in need at the same time.

It's called "LUV4wrd" and it's really simple! For every picture you post, a sponsor in the community donates a gift of warmth, like a coat or pair of socks, to a homeless person.

Each night thousands of men, women and children sleep out in the cold, which is why high school student Davis Smith and his mom Bridgette created LUV4wrd.

"I really want to help out the less fortunate than us," said Davis. "I mean, we take advantage of the roof over our head that we have, they don't have a roof over their heads and its getting cold out there in the winter time too."

For every picture someone posts, Flip Burger Boutique will donate one gift of warmth.

Davis says kids his age use social media every day, so why not do it with a purpose? So far, he says his friends love it.

Davis and his mom are working with local nonprofit Mercy Care to make it all happen. Mercy Care is an advocate for the homeless. Mary Watson has been working with Atlanta's homeless population for twelve years and says the gesture is life saving for some.

"You can't imagine how happy and thankful a person is just to receive a coat or a blanket or a pair of socks," said Watson.

Davis and his mom hope the app catches on across the country and they can eventually do different campaigns for different charities. The homeless campaign they are doing right now runs through mid-January. The goal is to reach 7,000 posts so they can give out 7,000 gifts of warmth.

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